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Making Weight Loss Achievable [Episode #338]


Welcome to the Feel Good Podcast with Kimberly Snyder. Our goal is to help you develop a lifestyle that promotes health, wholeness and healing. Feeling Good is about accepting who we are and living from a place of inner peace in our perfectly imperfect lives.

Feeling Good means we tune in to our bodies and our intuition, including when we are actually hungry, eating and making lifestyle choices to feel energized and beautiful, what serves us and what doesn’t, and being in flow along our unique journeys. Feeling good, by following our daily practices, naturally leads to also looking good, in a much more powerful way from glowing skin created from within, clear eyes, a beautifully strong body, radiant energy and a level of peace from simply being comfortable with our perfectly imperfect selves.

Thursday is our community show, where I cover a themed topic and answer four questions that come right from members of our community, just like you! We are here to support you in living your most beautiful, inspired and joyful life, with a focus on physical health, wellness, meditation and spirituality and personal empowerment.

I’m your host, Kimberly Snyder, founder of Solluna, New York Times best-selling author and nutritionist. 🙂

Let’s get started!

This week’s theme is: Making Weight Loss Achievable

Have you been wondering about this very topic? If you want to know the answer to this question and 3 more sent in by Beauties just like you, listen now to find out!

Remember you can submit your questions at https://mysolluna.com/askkimberly/

[Questions Answered]

Emily- Madison, Wisconsin

I follow a plant based diet and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables but am finding that I cannot lose these last extra 10 lbs. What are some fat loss foods? What can I do to lose weight?

Miranda- Miami, Florida

Where I live, I am always invited to a pool, beach, or some other outdoor activity where bathing suits are the proper attire. What can I do to always make sure I look good in a swimsuit?

Valerie- New Orleans, Louisiana

Come the New Year, I always put together a weight loss plan for myself. When I don’t see results, I revert to my old ways in disappointment. How do I make achievable goals and work my way up to more challenging ones?

Hayden- Chicago, Illinois

I want to do a deep cleaning of my kitchen to remove products that are keeping me from reaching my weight loss goals. What are items I should get rid of in my kitchen for good?

Inspirational Thought Of The Week

We all experience sun and moon cycles, light and dark. Life isn’t all sunny, and pretending it is means we ignore the wholeness of life.


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