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NEW! The Lifestyle Rx Weight Loss Program is currently being offered by Mike Shaw, PA-C in the Wichita location. This program utilizes medical supervision and check-ins, lab testing, a prescription for safe and effective appetite suppression, as well as a holistic approach for an eating plan, supplements, and physical movement. This combination provides a more comprehensive lifestyle change and long-term solution for those wanting to make significant, but lasting, changes to their health and weight.

What’s Included

Program Cost

The cost of the Lifestyle Rx+ program is $695. Follow up appointments (after the first one, which is included) will be billed as they happen and at the rate of the provider that you see. Please call us for more details.

Get Started Today

If you are interested in starting a medically focused, comprehensive weight loss program at Riordan Clinic, call 316-682-3100 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Achieving a more ideal body weight, improving health and restoring youthful functionality is what REAL HEALTH is all about.

What Patients Have To Say About the Program

“When John first met with Mike Shaw, PA-C he was very tired – tired of being tired all of the time. He experienced weight gain, low energy, and exhaustion that was beginning to interfere with his work and home life.

John remembers Mike as ‘wonderful, very personable, caring, and extremely knowledgeable of how hormones affect metabolism.’ John had his hormones, vitamin levels and minerals tested. Mike found that John’s Vitamin D levels were extremely low, while his cholesterol levels were high. The most important thing was his unusually low testosterone production – John’s testosterone level was 26, whereas the normal male range is between 260-1080.

‘Most doctors I’ve met are very caring. But Mike wants to make you better. [Relieving symptoms is] where a lot of medical providers stop at’ says John. ‘He put me on fish oil to help with cholesterol, phentermine to start the weight loss, compounded hormone supplements and medical-grade vitamins.’

Once John’s testosterone levels were back up, Mike put him on an exercise regimen emphasizing weight loss. Since then, John has lost 80 pounds! ‘I feel significantly better. I used to have to use a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure – a mask treatment for sleep apnea and snoring that uses air pressure to keep airways open.) I don’t snore at night anymore!”   – John S, Wichita, KS

“I have struggled with my weight since high school. Then with my first pregnancy, I gained a considerable amount more. I’ve asked so many doctors for help, joined countless programs, read numerous books, taken classes, and none provided long-term hope or change because it was all based on willpower and pure grit. ‘Calories in – calories out’ they’d say. As if it were that simple when my brain/thoughts tripped me up so much. In the past, doctors had suggested I use phentermine to jump start my weight loss but they didn’t know how to explain it well and I didn’t feel comfortable taking something that sounded so extreme.

I met with Mike Shaw for the first time in April 2018 at the Riordan Clinic. He took the time to really listen to what I was dealing with and explain the steps of the program. I went into the appointment with the mindset that I was going to refuse the prescription but try everything else (which hadn’t worked in the past – but maybe this time??). Mike made me feel comfortable that it was a safe tool to use in addition to a lifestyle change. I have been continuing to see Mike, and follow the Lifestyle Rx+ program, for about three months and I am very happy with the progress! I feel completely in control of each day and am actually enjoying the journey which I would never have thought possible.

Day-to-day I don’t feel any different than before other than food isn’t the focus of my thoughts anymore. Because I’m not obsessing over it, I am enjoying other things and getting more done with my day. I can make better decisions easier because food just isn’t as important to me anymore. My sugar cravings have all but subsided and I’m finding that the weeks are passing quickly as I don’t mind this new lifestyle at all. I haven’t felt deprived or stressed. The guilt that I had carried with me for almost two decades has lifted and when I start to feel those same thoughts of shame or embarrassment for letting my weight get so out of control I quickly say to myself ‘I’m doing it. I’m in the process of making the changes I need to. That’s all I can do.’ and I move on. Having hope and knowing that I am making long-term changes towards better health is priceless. I am so glad I trusted Mike and started when I did.” – Erin M, Wichita, KS


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