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Eating Rye Has An Unbelievable Effect On Weight Loss


Research about rye shows that this grain is full of nutritional power for the body.

Rye is a grass that grows in poor soils and cold conditions and has a far lower gluten content than wheat.

The grain is very nutrient dense, supplying the body with high levels of iron, calcium, potassium and zinc. It also is a good source soluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps people feel full for longer as it slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates and sugars. Not only is rye dense in nutrient, but it also helps to control weight and aids in digestive health.

According to a study in Finland, eating rye bread offers protection against colon cancer. The study concluded that Rye binds to bile acids that may trigger colon cancer and safely eliminating them from the body. Historically, rye has been used to cleanse the stomach and intestines of impurities, toxins and parasites, leading to weight lost.

In another separate study in Finland, researchers found that consuming high fiber dark rye bread induces insulin secretion while improving b cell function. They also found that the grain is a natural cure for constipation and hemorrhoids.

Research in Sweden, also concluded that rye can help with weight management. Participants who ate rye bread in the morning felt less hunger throughout the day than those who ate whole grain wheat bread. Rye bread has a very high water binding capacity that expands during digestion and produces a healthy feeling of fullness.

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